London, United Kingdom

Name: Colleen

Attractions: While London itself has so much to offer, I loved taking day trips outside of the city. A few of my favorites were Wimbledon, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle and Eton College, and the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour. All of these places can be accessed via the tube or trains that leave from tube stops.

Daily tours are offered at Wimbledon where you can walk to grounds, tour center court, and take your picture in the press room!  Tube goes all the way here.

Hampton Court has amazing Tudor Kitchens and architecture, as well as huge grounds to explore. Probably best to go on a warmer day.

Windsor Castle and Eton College- This is one of my top recommendations for people who go to London. The castle is the home of the current Queen Elizabeth. Make sure to tour the castle and leave time to walk down the street to Eton College (the prep school where William and Harry attended). Set up a private tour of the school if they are being offered – they are usually given by a current student!

Harry Potter Tour- If you are a HP fan, this is definitely worth your time. I would allow yourself at  least two hours in the exhibit. It takes a little time to get there, so just plan accordingly.

Food: For those craving Thai food while studying in London, my favorite restaurant is The Churchill Arms!  The Churchill Arms serves as both a traditional British Pub and great Thai restaurant. I think it has one of the pretties facades, as well. I would recommend making an afternoon out of this dinner. Located in Notting Hill, swing by the Portobello Market (seen in the movie Notting Hill) to shop for jewelry, food, or antiques.

Ben’s Cookies! Another favorite stop in London. There are a few around the city; but, I usually went to the one in Covent Garden (very close to Leicester Square Tube stop).  All the cookies are delicious and a very appreciated treat for flatmates!

Cubuna- This is a very fun place for street food and great drinks! I studied in London over the summer so we enjoyed many outdoor happy hours here. The best part is that Cubana is about a five minute walk from Conway so it is a great meeting place if people are running from classes, etc.

Gordon’s Wine Bar- A favorite of many London abroad students. You will pass the wine bar on your walk to class everyday. It is such a fun place so make sure to add it to your list to go to!

South Bank Street Food- Try whatever looks good! I love the burrito stand!

Housing: Conway- take advantage of how amazing of a location you are in!! It really does not get any better.

Transportation & Travel: Do not be afraid to use the tube! It is the world’s best transportation system, hands down. This will allow you to see so much more of London!


Name: Anonymous

Attractions: South Bank Area is really cool and hosts various events throughout the year.  You can take a nice walk along the river and see a lot of the iconic London sites. The Tower of London is a must-see attraction.  The queen’s guards give the tours and they do a really great job.  You learn some English history while being entertained.  This is also where you’ll find the crown jewels.

Travel and Transportation: Even before you go to London, you’ll probably have heard about the tube and it lives up to the hype.  The tube is the best way to get around London.  It’s well connected, efficient, and clean (by mass public transportation standards).  If you only plan to be in the city for a few days, you have the option of buying a day pass that gives you unlimited access to the Tube for 24 hours.

Heathrow is probably your best option for flying in and out of London.  You can get cheaper flights through budget airlines like Easyjet and RyanAir that go through Luton, Stansted, or Gatwick.  However, you need to think about how you’re going to get from those airports into the city and vice versa.  Then decide whether or not you’re willing to spend that extra time to save some money (depending on the flight and you’re planned mode of transportation into the city, you might not actually be saving any money).





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