Washington D.C., USA

Name: Emily Voorde

Attractions: Kayaks are available for rental on the Potomac at the Thompson Boat Center. Really great activity on a free afternoon! Single and double kayaks are available for 1 hour rental, or for the day.

Faith: Catholic Mass is celebrated at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, just a block from UCDC! Having been named to the National Register of Historic Places, the Cathedral is absolutely beautiful inside! And, it offers a historic significance: JFK’s state funeral was held in the Cathedral, as well as the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Brennan.

Food: Vapiano on 1800 M Street NW is a great option for Italian food! When you enter the restaurant, you get a “debit card” on which you charge your purchases. From there, you walk around the different stations (pizza, pasta, sandwiches, drinks), and your food is made to order. The environment is great, and the food is delicious!

Miscellaneous:Transportation & Travel: MegaBus travels from Union Station, and there are a lot of great destinations along the east coast! Fares are very reasonable, particularly if you plan ahead and are flexible. Timetables very accurate, and the bus was clean and safe!


Attractions: Just go to all the touristy places and monuments. They’re all worth it.

Food: Amsterdam Falafel in the Adams Morgan area (off the red line) is cheap, good, and open 24 hours. Georgetown cupcakes is for the birds. Not worth the wait. Baked and Wired (cupcakes and coffee) is where its at. The Chai-der (Chai apple cider) is the best. Sweet Green literally dominates the salad world in DC. It’s amazing and there’s really no competition.

Travel and Transportation: I prefer the circulator to the metro. It’s only a dollar and I think it’s more efficient. It’s really convenient getting to Georgetown since there aren’t metro stations there.


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